Corrections Artists:   Corrections Artists:

Betty Bastai - Washington, USA

Sarah Bindman -  California, USA

Ione Citrin - California, USA

Donelli DiMaria - New Mexico, USA

Mark Erickson - California, USA

Virginia Erdie - Florida, USA

Juan Rodrigo Piedrahita Escobar - Medellín, Colombia

Frank Ettenberg - Vienna, Austria

Cassandra Gordon-Harris - New Mexico, USA

Diane Hill - Texas, USA

Bill Jackson - London, UK

Sun-Young Jin - Brussels, Belgium

Elizabeth King - Reading, UK

Rivka Kos - Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Terry Kruger - Colorado, USA


Harriette Lawler - New Mexico, USA

Pia B. Lehmann - Fribourg, Switzerland

Linsay Locke - New Mexico , USA

Midori McCabe - California, USA

Christian Moeller - Berlin, Germany

Brad Michael Moore - Texas, USA

Neil Nieuwoudt - George, South Africa

Marat Paransky - Michigan, USA

Jasmine Ronel - Tel Aviv, Israel

Billy Rose - California, USA

Cecilia August Sand - Gemla, Sweden

David Trachtenberg - California, USA

Gadi Veneziano - California, USA

Genevieve Williams - New York, USA

Exhibition Curators:

Harriette Lawler

Frank Ettenberg

Corrections Theme

As artists, we often express our feelings and thoughts concerning injustices, abuses of power, good and evil, or just the way we would like the Earth to be. Even if it’s only our own little corner of the world or in our own heart and soul. Making corrections, righting wrongs. This exhibit was dedicated to that theme.

Corrections Exhibit

The exhibit also included visitor participation. Attendees wrote down something that they felt needed correcting. Such as: abuses of any kind, overpopulation, corporate greed, political corruption, or whatever one wishes - global, national, local, or personal. They fed this Wrong into a paper shredder that was set up in the gallery.

A secondary shredder was also set up - to receive petty or selfish concerns – just so people could get these things “off their chest” or just to get rid of the negative emotions that they are causing a person to harbor.  At the closing of the show, the shredded Wrongs were then set afire in a last cleansing ritual.

Copyright 2007 Harriette Lawler

This proposal /exhibition theme is the intellectual property of the curator and may not be reproduced, copied, or used in any way without the express written permission of the curator.

Blue Marble 2000 Credit: R. Stockli, A. Nelson,